Preparing Declarations
Declarations Handbook

The Declarations Handbook serves as guidance for the preparation of declarations to be submitted by States Parties in accordance with the requirements of the Convention.

The Declarations Handbook is a non-binding document prepared by the Secretariat to provide practical support to States Parties on how to report information on declarable facilities and activities, thereby ensuring that these are effectively brought under the purview of the Chemical Weapons Convention’s verification regime.

The Declarations Handbook 2013 Revised version 3, published on 1 January 2022, updates Sections A, B, and C of the Handbook related to declarations under Article VI of the Convention, as well as Section K on Riot Control Agents Declarations and Section L on National Protective Programs. Appendix 2, the Handbook on Chemicals, has been updated and the 2022 version incorporates all scheduled chemicals declared between 2019 and 2021. Appendix 4, Product Group Codes, has also been updated to improve consistency and accuracy from a chemical point of view. Further editorial updates have been made across the entire Handbook.