Capacity Building
Conference Support Programme

Facilitating the exchange of scientific and technical information and providing financial support for the organisation of conferences, workshops and seminars on topics relevant to the Convention

Through this programme, the Secretariat helps finance scientific conferences on topics relevant to the Convention in developing countries and those with economies in transition. It supports the participation of scientists, who may not, due to their economic, geographic, or academic position, be able to attend such conferences.


  • Enable scientists and engineers and other technical personnel who are citizens of Member States whose economies are developing to participate as resource persons or otherwise in international conferences, seminars or workshops in fields related to the peaceful application of chemistry.
  • Enable similar scientific personnel from other Member States to attend, as resource persons, in such conferences, seminars or workshops.


Institutions or recognised scientific organisations of the Member States may apply for support including:

  • travel grants for participants and resource persons whose contributions (e.g. a paper or a poster) the organising institution considers would be sufficiently important to warrant such support; and/or
  • some core administration costs to cover the publication of conference proceedings, translation of the proceedings into one of the official languages of the Organisation, etc.

The Secretariat does not provide support directly to individual wishing to participate at such conferences.

Scientific Fields Supported


Natural products chemistry

Analytical chemistry including environmental analysis


Green Chemistry

Physical Chemistry


Chemical and technological aspects of the destruction of toxic materials

Risk Assessment

Communication and management with respect to toxic materials

Environmental chemistry and clinical and occupational toxicology

Prophylaxis and treatment of intoxications


Hazard waste management

Education in chemistry

Chemical laboratory capacity-building and network

Other fields of chemistry for purposes which are not prohibited under the Convention