Capacity Building
Influential Visitors Programme

Bringing influential visitors from States Parties to OPCW Headquarters to engage in discussions with senior officials and key representatives of other States Parties.

This programme facilitates States Parties in their efforts to achieve the full, effective, and non-discriminatory national implementation of Article VII.

The Influential Visitors Programme is targeted at States Parties whose draft implementing legislation has already been considered by relevant ministries and stakeholders but which requires political momentum to advance its passage.


At the conclusion of the Programme, the visitors are expected to draw up an action plan that outlines a clear path for adoption of the draft legislation in their country.

Participating visitors are expected to promote full and effective implementation and in turn serve as ambassadors for the Convention.

They can do this by enhancing engagement between their country and the Secretariat, mobilising support for the early adoption of implementing legislation, including advocating for its adoption before parliament, raising awareness of the Convention within their government, informing industry of its obligations, and promoting education and outreach in the field of the peaceful uses of chemistry.



Four sessions of the Influential Visitors Programme have been held at OPCW Headquarters in The Hague since 2015, bringing together senior figures from Uganda, Namibia and Nigeria, and Chile respectively. Following participation in the programme, Uganda adopted implementing legislation in 2015.