Capacity Building
Women in Chemistry

Female chemistry professionals play an essential role in enhancing and promoting peaceful uses of chemistry.

Women in Chemistry Symposium

OPCW’s annual Women in Chemistry Symposium attracts talented women from government, industry and academia to illustrate the strength and depth of contributions women have made to the peaceful uses of chemistry.


Through a series of seminars, presentations and question and answer sessions, the Symposium highlights contributions made by women in the field of peaceful chemistry; raises awareness of education and capacity development opportunities for women in peaceful chemistry; and promotes international solidarity and cooperation.

The symposium is open to women who:

  • have a minimum of a first degree (BSc or equivalent) in chemistry, analytical chemistry, or chemical engineering from a recognised university or institution; and
  • have professional working experience in academia, science and technology institutions, chemical industry or industry associations, or regulatory or promotional agencies related to chemical safety and security management.
  • Candidates who have a strong command of both written and spoken English.

Each Symposium is followed by an Analytical Chemistry Course to assist qualified analytical chemists from Member States, whose economies are developing or in transition. 

The OPCW #CatalystForPeace campaign launched at the 2016 Women in Chemistry Symposium.

The video features leaders and practitioners from across the field of chemistry and includes officials from OPCW States Parties, the scientific community, chemical industry, academia and civil society.