Declarations and Inspections (Article VI Obligations) Training Course

Preparing declarations, and receiving and escorting OPCW inspections.

This course is organised by the Secretariat each year to help National Authority-personnel and other national stakeholders meet their obligations under Article VI, specifically, preparing declarations and receiving and escorting OPCW inspections.


  • Facilitate National Authority submissions of accurate and timely national declarations, as required under Article VI.
  • Provide practical guidance to States Parties on escorting and receiving OPCW inspections.
  • Encourage collaboration amongst national stakeholders to fulfil obligations under Article VI, including reaching out to the chemical and other relevant industries.

Course Content

  • Presentations by the TS and by States Parties on their experiences.
  • Group discussions.
  • Practical exercises.
  • Recent developments on the Convention’s verification and transfers regimes.
  • Tools to facilitate the preparation and submission of declarations – such as the electronic declaration tool for National Authorities (EDNA) and Secure Information Exchange (SIX).
  • A mock inspection at chemical plant site.
  • Preparation of a post-training action plan on how the knowledge and skills acquired in the course could help solve current issues and/or challenges.