Capacity Building
Laboratory Assistance Programme

Improving technical competence and providing support for laboratories engaged in chemical analysis.

Through this programme, the Technical Secretariat helps analytical and testing laboratories increase their technical competence and promote economic and technological development.

Particular emphasis is placed upon projects that involve regional cooperation and networking among laboratories, or those that promote “twinning” between laboratories at the international or regional level.

The programme also renders assistance to laboratories that wish to seek OPCW designation for off-site analysis of authentic samples.


To strengthen national capacities for chemical analysis and monitoring, as an important element in enabling Member States to implement Article XI of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Nature of Assistance

The main form of support provided under this programme is financial.

Specific type(s) of activities that may be considered for support may include any or a combination of the following:

  1. Conduct of technical evaluation or audit of the laboratory by an expert(s) so as to improve its level of competence.
  2. Preparation for gaining accreditation from recognised international, regional or national bodies, e.g. preparation of quality manual, guidelines and standard operating procedures, synthesis or preparation of reference materials etc.
  3. Training of technical personnel at an advanced laboratory/institution for development of skills.
  4. Participation of key staff in relevant scientific seminars or conferences that may relate to laboratory quality management, technical competence, etc.
  5. Internship at an accredited laboratory for skills development, method development research, validation of analytical techniques with reference to international or national standards, etc.
  6. Participating in or organising national or regional courses or specialised seminars at the laboratory with the help of an accredited laboratory, accreditation body, expert, etc.
  7. Conduct of small-scale research projects relating to method development, validation etc. which can lead to the strengthening of the technical competence of the laboratory.


Funding may be provided exclusively by the OPCW, or jointly by the OPCW and another donor or funding organisation.

The OPCW will not fund any acquisition of hardware or other forms of investment costs.