Capacity Building
General Training Course

Imparting basic knowledge related to all aspects of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

This comprehensive course covers the key aspects of the Convention through theoretical sessions and practical hands-on exercises.

The purpose of the course is to assist States Parties to comply with their obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention by enhancing their knowledge and skills in the national implementation.  It is intended for the personnel of National Authorities who have little or no previous involvement in the implementation of the Convention, but who are responsible for the specific tasks involved in implementing it at the national level.

Course Content

  • Historical developments leading to the creation of the Convention
  • An overview of the CWC and OPCW
  • The role and functioning of National Authorities
  • National implementation measures
  • The declaration
  • Verification and transfers regimes and associated tools
  • Developments in science and technology
  • Education and outreach
  • International cooperation and assistance programmes
  • Tours of the OPCW Lab and Equipment Store