Visit the OPCW

Group visits to the OPCW

OPCW offers virtual and in-person group visits to organised groups of 10+ people. These one-hour sessions offer the opportunity to learn more about the mission and work of the OPCW and the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Group visits are appropriate for a range of groups including educators and students (university and above), government officials, civil society representatives, and scientists, etc.

Virtual group visits

Virtual visits to the OPCW include a look inside the OPCW Headquarters building in The Hague, Netherlands, a presentation by an OPCW staff member, and a Q&A session. 

Virtual group visits are scheduled on an online platform, with a meeting link shared prior to your visit.

As a matter of policy, recording of virtual visits sessions is not permitted.

In-person group visits 

In-person group visits to the OPCW Headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, include a presentation by an OPCW staff member with Q&A and a tour that includes a visit to the Nobel Peace Prize, Delegate’s Lounge, Executive Council Chamber, and an introduction to the gear and equipment used on an inspection.

What will you discover on your visit to the OPCW?

world peace dove

Our Mission

Find out about the OPCW’s mission to achieve a world free of chemical weapons

chemistry for peace

Our Work

Hear from experts about the work of the Technical Secretariat 

Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize

See the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the OPCW in 2013 for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons


Executive Council Chamber

See the chambers where 41 elected OPCW Member States oversee the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention

Individual visits to the OPCW

OPCW cannot accommodate individual visits to the OPCW. Individuals who wish to learn more about the OPCW and the Chemical Weapons Convention are encouraged to watch the OPCW Basics video series and consult the rich resources available on the OPCW website. The OPCW Basics video series covers the fundamentals of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the work of the OPCW.

Dates not available for public visits

On the following dates OPCW is not available for public visits.

  • 2 January
  • 14 – 17 March
  • 10 April
  • 24 April
  • 27 April
  • 15 – 19 May
  • 29 May
  • 3 July – 25 August
  • 18 September – 13 October
  • 24 October
  • 6 November – 1 December
  • 18 December – 29 December