Capacity Building
Internship Programme for Legal Drafters and National Authority Representatives

Providing tailor-made assistance to States Parties that have not yet commenced, or are having challenges, drafting national implementing legislation.

A one week legal workshop where participants are equipped with the technical capacity and requisite skills to complete a draft of national implementing legislation and to pursue its adoption when they return to their home country.


Upon completion of the Programme, participants will have developed a preliminary draft implementing bill that accords with the provisions of the Convention and is suitable for submission to parliament.

The internship also seeks to support States Parties that may already have a legislative framework in place but require additional support to draft administrative measures.


From 2012-2018, 45 countries have taken part in the Internship Programme for Legal Drafters and National Authority Representatives.

All participants successfully completed the programme and produced comprehensive drafts of national implementing legislation.

Of these, four States Parties subsequently enacted legislation complying with all initial measures required under the Convention.