Article I – General Obligations

Article I sets out the general obligations of each State Party under the Convention

Article II – Definitions and Criteria

Article II sets out the definitions and criteria to be used in implementing the Convention

Article III – Declarations

Article III requires each State Party to submit declarations to the OPCW within 30 days after the Convention enters into force for that particular State Party

Article IV – Chemical Weapons

Article IV sets out the requirements for States Parties to destroy their chemical weapons

Article V – Chemical Weapons Production Facilities

Article V relates to the requirement for States Parties to destroy and/or convert their Chemical Weapons Production Facilities (CWPFs)

Article VI – Activities Not Prohibited under this Convention

Article VI covers “activities not prohibited under this Convention”, otherwise known as the non-proliferation or industry verification regime

Article VII – National Implementation Measures

Article VII covers national implementation of the Convention and requires each State Party to enact implementing legislation at the national level

Article VIII – The Organization

Article VIII establishes the OPCW as the implementing body of the Convention

Article IX – Consultations, Cooperation and Fact-Finding

Article IX provides for the consultation and clarification if concerns about possible non-compliance arise

Article X – Assistance and Protection against Chemical Weapons

Article X provides for assistance and protection to a State Party if it is attacked or threatened with attack by chemical weapons

Article XI – Economic and Technological Development

Article XI provides international cooperation for the economic and technological development of States Parties

Article XII – Measures to Redress a Situation and to Ensure Compliance, Including Sanctions

Article XII deals with measures to ensure compliance, including sanctions against a State Party that fails to uphold its treaty obligations

Article XIII – Relation to Other International Agreements

Article XIII deals with the relations with other international treaties

Article XIV – Settlement of Disputes

Article XIV deals with the settlement of disputes that may arise concerning the application or the interpretation of the Convention

Article XV – Amendments

Article XV deals with the amendments to the Convention

Article XVI – Duration and Withdrawal

Article XVI deals with the duration of the Convention and the States Parties’ the right to withdraw from the Convention

Article XVII – Status of the Annexes

Article XVII relates to the status of the Convention’s annexes

Article XVIII – Signature

Article XVIII deals with the signature of the Convention

Article XIX – Ratification

Article XIX related to the ratification of the Convention

Article XX – Accession

Article XX relates to the accession to the Convention

Article XXI – Entry into Force

Article XXI deals with the entry into force of the Convention

Article XXII – Reservations

Article XXII deals with reservations

Article XXIII – Depositary

Article XXIII relates to the Depositary of the Convention

Article XXIV – Authentic Texts

Article XXIV covers the authenticity of texts