Administration Division

The Administration Division manages the OPCW’s day-to-day human resources, finances, and logistical support, and coordinates knowledge management.

The Division also represents the Technical Secretariat during sessions of the Advisory Body on Administrative and Financial Matters (ABAF), and serves as the point of contact for the OPCW’s External Auditor.

Budget and Finance Branch

The Budget and Finance Branch applies best practice budgetary and financial support services to the OPCW. The Branch is responsible for developing and managing the OPCW Programme and Budget, supporting the management and reporting of extra-budgetary funding, preparation of the OPCW Financial Statements, collecting assessed State Party contributions and other income, and administering all payments for the organisation. The Branch carries out its functions in accordance with the financial regulations and rules and decisions of the OPCW policy-making organs, and serves as the principal interlocutor with the Organisation’s External Auditor and the Advisory Body on Administrative and Financial Matters.

The Budget and Finance Branch consists of four Sections: Budget, Disbursements, Treasury, and Accounts and Reporting.

Facilities Management Section

The Facilities Management Section is in charge of maintaining and managing the OPCW premises. This includes building and installation maintenance, technical upgrades and repairs, infrastructure activities, workspace optimisation, and conference services support. An essential objective of the Facilities Management Section is to create and maintain the best work environment for OPCW staff while also reducing the Organisation’s carbon footprint.

General Support Services Section

The General Support Services Section plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient functioning of the Organisation by providing smooth logistical and operational support. It assists with asset and property management, inventory control, supplies, travel, shipping and transportation, fleet management, visas and travel documents, insurance, catering services, mail services, cleaning services and contract management with external service providers.


Human Resources Branch

The Human Resources Branch provides human resources advice and services to the OPCW in relation to human resources planning, sourcing, recruitment and selection, terms and conditions of service, training and staff development programmes, transition support, and individual staff and manager support and separation processes.

The Branch is also responsible for developing HR best practices and policies, and facilitating staff learning, leadership and talent development, performance and career management, organisational change and work-life balance.

Information Services Branch

The Information Services Branch provides functional oversight of all OPCW information technology (IT) and telecommunication systems.

The Branch provides cross-divisional platforms and services such as IT infrastructure and business applications; provides reliable and secure technical infrastructure within a context of strict adherence to approved confidentiality and security guidelines and procedures; and identifies opportunities where the use of information technology can improve OPCW business in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Knowledge Management Section

The Knowledge Management Section develops strategies and policies for knowledge management across the Organisation. It carries out the coordination of knowledge management activities in the broad areas of identification, development, preservation and sharing of core expertise and knowledge relevant to the work of the OPCW. The Section also manages information resources and enables access of staff members to scientific and technical literature as well as to institutional memory through operation of the OPCW Library, Correspondence Management System (CMS) and physical archives.

Procurement Section

The Procurement Section is responsible for procuring goods and services, ensuring transparency and best value for money. It manages all formal procurement tendering, as well as long-term commercial contracts. The Section also provides policy support to the Secretariat’s management in relation to OPCW procurement regulations.