Capacity Building
Equipment Exchange Programme

Facilitating the voluntary transfer of laboratory equipment, which is in good working condition, from institutions in developed countries to institutions in other countries whose economies are either developing or in transition.

In industrialised countries, equipment which was once state-of-the-art is often replaced long before it ceases to be functional. On the other hand, institutions in countries whose economies are developing sometimes need such equipment to enable them to achieve their development objectives.

Interested donors or recipients may inform the Technical Secretariat that they have available or are in need of such equipment. The OPCW’s International Cooperation Branch maintains a database of equipment offers and requests and facilitates the communications between the relevant parties.


  • Promote exchange of scientific equipment relating to the development and application of chemistry for industrial, agricultural, research, medical, pharmaceutical, and other peaceful purposes.
  • Support the transfers of used, but still functional, equipment from institutions in one Member State to institutions in another Member State.


The OPCW supports the transfer of equipment through financial support for the cost of equipment transport and the training of technicians to maintain the equipment.

The Secretariat will pay to the recipient institution, in advance, 70% of the total costs, calculated on the basis of the quotations received including insurance costs. The balance will be paid after the receiving institution submits a report confirming that the equipment has been received.

If a technician from the recipient institution needs to be trained or an expert from the donor institution needs to visit the recipient institution to provide such training, the Secretariat will provide the cost of the travel, and daily subsistence allowance for the trainee or the expert.