International Cooperation and Assistance

International Cooperation and Assistance Division

The International Cooperation and Assistance Division serves as international provider and platform for providing specialised and technical assistance in support of States Parties efforts to meet their obligations under the Convention through a portfolio of wide range of programmes and projects. These capacity building programmes are aimed at contributing to build and enhance States Parties capacity to fostering the use of chemistry for peaceful purposes for the economic and technological development of the States Parties; facilitating the national implementation and responding and dealing with threats involving toxic chemicals.

Assistance and Protection Branch

The Assistance and Protection Branch provides States Parties with expert advice and programmes to develop and improve their emergency response capacity against the use or threat of use of chemical weapons.

The Branch supports States Parties to develop chemical emergency response plans, training programmes, procedures and standards, and appropriate dispatching and receiving mechanisms for assistance. It also supports the development of expertise of first responders and emergency management personnel to properly deal with chemical incidents.

The Branch is also responsible for the maintenance of a state of readiness within the Organisation to respond rapidly and effectively to a request of assistance made by a State Party pursuant to Article X and to coordinate and deliver assistance to the requesting State Party. States Parties can request this assistance from the OPCW if chemical weapons are used against them or they are threatened by such use.

International Cooperation Branch

The International Cooperation Branch develops and runs a portfolio of international cooperation programmes, including capacity building projects aimed at fostering peaceful use of chemistry for the economic and technological development of the Member States.

These programmes are classified in three strategic areas of Integrated Chemicals Management; Enhancing Laboratory Capabilities and chemical knowledge promotion and exchange.

Implementation Support Branch

The Implementation Support Branch is responsible for coordinating activities intended at supporting and sustaining capacity of States Parties and their National Authorities for full and effective implementation of the Convention.

The Branch provides tailored assistance and capacity building programs aiming at assisting States Parties in the enactment of national legislation and enhancing capacities of the National Authorities and their effective functioning to effectively fulfil all national obligations under the CWC.

The Branch is also responsible for monitoring, preparing and publishing Annual Reports on the Status of National Implementation of the CWC.