Secure Information Exchange

Secure Information Exchange (SIX) is a system for transferring confidential information in a secure manner over the Internet. SIX is encrypted end-to-end, enabling the secure exchange of information between States Parties and the Secretariat.

SIX provides a secure electronic channel for the efficient and secure exchange of classified information such as declarations, reconciliation reports, clarification and transfer discrepancy letters, and relevant responses, which are exchanged between the Secretariat and the States Parties on a regular basis.

SIX enables the timely fulfilment by States Parties of their obligations under the Convention, such as the timely submission of declarations, as well as important activities of the Secretariat, such as the evaluation of declarations and the planning of inspections. 

Getting started with SIX

SIX is available to all interested States Parties. 

Interested States Parties are advised to review the Note by the Technical Secretariat S/1192/2014 and respond with a note verbale enclosing the registration for the designated users, which is included in Annex II of the note.

The e-learning course, Introduction to SIX, is available to all States Parties. This course provides a general overview of the Secure Information Exchange (SIX) system for secure electronic exchange of classified information between States Parties and OPCW Technical Secretariat and explains process of registration, set-up and use of the system.