Electronic Declaration Information System

The Electronic Declaration Information System (EDIS) is a software application for National Authorities to create and submit the declarations required under Article III and Article VI of the Convention.


  • EDIS is a distributed system; multi-user access enables both National Authorities and external users to use EDIS to provide declaration information.
  • Detailed controls govern system access and maintain integrity of declarations information contained in the system.
  • EDIS combines Article III and Article VI declaration obligations under one web application.
  • National Authorities can maintain a list of facilities within EDIS and annually select the facilities that require declaration.
  • Two-factor authentication minimises the risk of identity abuse and theft.
  • National Authorities can systematically capture and manage all users that require access to the SIX system.
  • Supports automatic encryption of generated declaration package.
  • EDIS contains a set of warnings relating to data inconsistencies and requirements in accordance with the CWC.
  • Available in all six OPCW official languages.


EDIS consists of ten modules. Six core modules provide guidance through the declaration preparation, verification and finalisation process:

  • Dashboard offers a simple and intuitive way to prioritise information and follow up on urgent or pending actions during the declaration preparation.
  • My declarations helps to intuitively collect the information required for declaration preparation purposes.
  • Plan sites/facilities maintains a list of facilities and plants.
  • Chemicals contains a database pre-loaded with 2,077 scheduled and unscheduled chemicals.
  • User administration manages all system users and their access rights.
  • Reports offers a number of analytical reports to review declaration data at any point in time.

The remaining support modules are:

  • SIX user administration systematically manages new SIX system users.
  • Settings & administration personalises browsing experience and performs other system operations.
  • User guides contains reference materials.
  • About EDIS offers an overview of the system and its terms and conditions.

Getting started with EDIS

The EDIS software and User Guide can be downloaded from the OPCW External Server, or obtained through a USB flash drive provided by the Secretariat to Permanent Representatives to the OPCW.

The EDIS software runs on Windows operating system, on a stand-alone workstation or a Windows server. To facilitate the first use of EDIS, State Parties may import old declarations generated by EDNA through the Import XML feature, or request an XML version of a recent declaration that can be shared via the SIX system.

For general information, guidelines and support, consult the EDIS section of the OPCW Extranet or contact the EDIS support team via the EDIS contact form.


Training and one-to-one consultations are provided at the Annual Meeting of National Authorities and during the Conference of States Parties. In addition, training is also available upon advance request at the OPCW Headquarters. Training courses on electronic declarations and the use of EDIS may also be offered as part of regional training workshops. Additionally, the Secretariat has released a new e-learning module providing a general overview of EDIS

The EDIS User Group Forum

The EDIS User Group Forum is an annual event where EDIS users share their experiences with other State Parties and with the Secretariat. This event is organised during the Annual Meeting of National Authorities. Based on the feedback received during the forum, regional workshops and bilateral meetings, the Secretariat continues the work on the development on new versions of EDIS software to include additional functionality that strives to meet the expectations of States Parties.