Diversity & Inclusion

To find diverse solutions to chemical weapons issues, we need diverse minds working on them. And to put the best solutions on the table, everyone needs a seat at it.

Our commitments


Equal Treatment

At the OPCW, we believe everyone is equal, regardless of age, race, gender, disability, culture, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.


Diverse Teams

OPCW welcomes diversity, encourages gender parity, and looks to fill our teams with people, cultures, and perspectives from around the world.


A Culture of Respect

We have an international outlook and provide multicultural training to each new team member, to ensure a respectful and conscientious workplace for all.

Gender Focal Points

Gender Focal Points

OPCW values the contributions of our female colleagues. Our Gender Focal Points provide support, counsel, and training initiatives to encourage work/life balance and gender mainstreaming at every level of the Organisation. 


Support Mechanisms

We support everyone’s right to grow personally and professionally in a safe and supportive work environment. We provide professional development opportunities for all, and offer tailored facilities and programmes to ensure physical and mental wellbeing.


Making use of 100% of the talent pool

“Our motto, working together for a world free of chemical weapons, can only be realised when we engage all of the world’s citizens in this challenging endeavour.

The toughest problems require the best people and making use of 100% of the talent pool. We celebrate diversity in all of its forms.”

– Fernando Arias, OPCW Director-General


Balance For Better