Capacity Building

International cooperation and assistance, through capacity building, to ensure full implementation of the Convention.

The OPCW is dedicated to supporting States Parties in their efforts to fully and effectively implement the Convention. Capacity building programmes have been formulated specifically to facilitate national implementation (Article VII), provide assistance and protection against chemical weapons (Article X), and promote international cooperation in the field of peaceful chemical activities, aimed at enhancing economic and technological development (Article XI). 

Article VII

National Implementation Programmes


National Authorities Annual Meeting

Annual forum in The Hague for National Authority senior representatives and the OPCW that facilitates interactions and cooperation. 


National Authorities Regional Meetings

Annual regional meetings in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean designed to bring together National Authority representatives in support of CWC implementation and sub-regional cooperation.


Training-of-Trainers for Customs

Course for training trainers to teach customs officials about the CWC transfers regime.

Graduate Cap

General Training Course

Held at OPCW Headquarters for National Authority personnel to impart basic knowledge related to all aspects of the Chemical Weapons Convention.


Declarations and Inspections (Article VI Obligations) Training Course

Course to assist National Authority personnel and other national stakeholders with preparing declarations and receiving/escorting OPCW inspections (per Article VI).


Chemical Industry and National Authorities Meeting

Forum for representatives of National Authorities and chemical industry to discuss issues related to fulfilling Convention obligations. 


Influential Visitors Programme

Outreach effort targeted at States Parties that have draft implementing legislation, but need political momentum to advance its passage.

Plane Tickets

National Authority Mentorship and Partnership Programme

Exchange of visits between two paired National Authorities that provides technical support and assistance to enhance national implementation efforts.

Legislation Document

Internship Programme for Legal Drafter and National Authority Representatives

Tailored assistance for States Parties regarding the drafting of national implementing legislation.


Stakeholders Forum on National Implementing Legislation

Awareness-raising forum for parliamentarians and other government officials that have yet to pass comprehensive national implementing legislation.

Article X

Assistance and Protection Programmes


Training Cycles

Training programme creating sustainable capacity for first responders in one calendar year.

Table Top Exercises

Table Top Exercises

Exercises to strengthen States Parties’ ability to ensure and effective response and to provide assistance in case of incidents involving toxic chemicals.

Specialised Training Programme

Specialised Training Programme

Opportunity for participants to practice previously acquired knowledge, strengthen abilities, and prepare them to instruct others.

Training of Trainers

Training of Trainers Programme

Advanced training to selected graduates of the Advanced Training Programme to increase the sustainability of OPCW capacity building efforts.

Development Exchange

Instructor Development and Exchange Programme

Exchange of knowledge and best practices among States Parties and instructors regarding responses to incidents.

Emergency Response

Article X Workshops

Workshops focused on Article X obligations that provide a platform for discussion and analysis.

Article XI

International Cooperation Programmes

Promoting Peaceful and Secure Uses of Chemistry

Integrated Chemicals Management

Training in Chemistry

Associate Programme

Major international training project conducted over 9-10 weeks in Asia, Europe, and Latin America to foster the economic and technological development of OPCW Member States.


Chemical Safety and Security Management

Series of seminars for officials and chemical industry representatives focused on chemical industry outreach and industry-related aspects of Convention implementation.

Check mark

Chemical Safety and Security Needs Assessment and Best Practices

Platform for OPCW Member States representatives to share needs, experiences, lessons learned and best practices related to chemical safety and security management.


Responsible Care ® Workshops

Workshops to promote awareness for and implementation of the Responsible Care ® Programme within chemical industry.


Executive Programme on Integrated Chemicals Management

For senior experts from OPCW Member States to build knowledge, capacity, and leadership skills in integrated chemicals management, including in the areas of chemical safety, security and sustainability.

Enhancing Laboratory Capabilities


Analytical Skills Development Courses

Tailored courses offered in cooperation with specialised institutions worldwide and focused on the use of various analytical chemistry methods.

Hand and Molecule

Laboratory Twinning Initiative

Initiative to support analytic chemistry laboratories from OPCW Member States that seek to perform successfully on the OPCW Proficiency Tests.


Equipment Exchange Programme

Facilitation of transfers of used, but still functional, equipment from institutions in one OPCW Member State to another.

Inspect Chemicals

Customs Laboratory Training

Course to acquire further experience and practical knowledge in the analysis of chemicals related to the Convention for qualified chemists employed in labs that provide customs services and from developing or transitioning economies.

Test Tube and Molecule

Laboratory Assistance Programme

Improving technical competence and providing support for laboratories engaged in chemical analysis.


Basic Analytical Chemistry Course for Women

Course to enhance the knowledge and skills of women analytical chemists.


Basic and Advanced Proficiency Test Training Courses

Course for enhancing the practical knowledge and skills of laboratory personnel interested in taking the OPCW’s Proficiency Tests.

Chemical Knowledge Promotion and Exchange


Research Projects Support Programme

Funding for a limited number of problem-oriented and scientifically valid projects from individual research groups or institutions based in Member States with developing or transitioning economies


Fellowship Programme

Fellowships for young scientists and engineers from Member States with developing or transitioning economies to work in advanced laboratories or facilities in another Member State to enhance skills and transfer knowledge. 


Conference Support Programme

Financial support for scientific conferences in the field of chemistry and sponsorship of participants for conferences, workshops, and seminars on special topics relevant to the Convention.

Women in Chemistry

Women in Chemistry

Tailored programme to promote the role of female chemistry professionals in the promotion of the peaceful uses of chemistry.

Three people

Policy and Diplomacy for Scientists Workshop

Interactive forum for scientists to discuss the intersection of science, policy, and politics related to disarmament, security, environmental safeguards, and sustainability topics.  

Chemistry for Peace

Peaceful Uses of Chemistry Forum

Forum for officials and the Secretariat to discuss cutting-edge issues concerning peaceful chemistry, share chemical management lessons learned and best practices, and raise awareness about integrated chemicals management for chemical trade as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.




Article XI Workshop

Workshop for representatives of OPCW Member States to share needs, experiences, lessons learned and best practices related to the implementation of Article XI.

Africa Programme


Africa Programme

High-level bilateral visits and activities to increase awareness of the Convention in Africa.