Capacity Building
Responsible Care® Workshops

Sharing best practices and raising awareness for the Responsible Care ® programme. 

The two-week programme focuses on various elements of Responsible Care®, through a series of lectures, interactive exercises, and case studies.

Topics covered include product stewardship, environmental protection and environmental technologies, labelling of chemicals, integrated systems for chemical safety and security management, occupational medicine, health protection, and more generally the OPCW and Convention, dual use and ethical issues in chemistry, and sustainability of industrial production.

Case studies presented consider the implementation of Responsible Care® in the Russian Federation and internationally.

The workshop is currently only offered to the Member States from Eastern Europe and Central Asia and is conducted in Russian.


  • Wider adoption of the Responsible Care® programme in OPCW Member States, especially those which are not the ICCA members but may wish to become so.
  • Enhancing the culture sustainability in chemical enterprises by increasing specialist knowledge of specific aspects of Responsible Care® programme related to environmental safeguarding, health protection, and chemical safety and security.
  • Enhance national capacities and the preparedness of chemical industries in Member States to implement Responsible Care® and adopt related best practices on the national level.
  • Foster wider regional and international cooperation in the field of chemical safety and security management among stakeholders, including chemical industry, academia, national authorities and associations, and ICCA and CEFIC.

What is Chemical Safety?

“Chemical safety” refers to measures to prevent non-deliberate releases of toxic chemicals into the environment and to mitigate the impact if such events occur.

Chemical safety comprises disciplines such as occupational safety, public safety, process safety, environment safety, consumer safety and transport safety. Many of these are also dealt with by other international conventions and by several other international bodies and lead agencies.


What is Chemical Security?

“Chemical security” refers to measures to prevent deliberate releases of toxic chemicals and to mitigate the impact if such events occur.

In a wider context, it also includes policies to prevent attempts to acquire toxic chemicals or chemical weapons precursors.

What is the Responsible Care ® Programme?

Responsible Care® is the global chemical industry’s unique initiative to improve health, environmental performance, enhance security, and to communicate with stakeholders about products and processes.

Responsible Care commits companies, national chemical industry associations and their partners to:


Continuously improve the environmental, health, safety and security knowledge and performance of our technologies, processes and products over their life cycles so as to avoid harm to people and the environment.


Use resources efficiently and minimise waste.


Report openly on performance, achievements and shortcomings.


Listen, engage and work with people to understand and address their concerns and expectations.


Cooperate with governments and organisations in the development and implementation of effective regulations and standards, and to meet or go beyond them.


Provide help and advice to foster the responsible management of chemicals by all those who manage and use them along the product chain.

Host an Event

Member States interested in hosting an event for their chemical industry or regionally should submit a detailed request to the Secretariat. The event would be organised in consultation with the hosting Member State and/​or Institution.