External Relations

External Relations Division

The External Relations Division advises the Director-General on external relations policies, promotes universal adherence to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and liaises with governments, international organisations, the media, and non-governmental organisations. The division manages relations with OPCW’s Host Country–the Netherlands–and provides support regarding engagement with States Parties, partners, the public, and other identified stakeholders, such as scientists, civil society, academia, and industry.

Political Affairs and Protocol Branch

The Political Affairs and Protocol Branch advises senior management on current and emerging issues, devises and implements strategies for achieving universality of the Convention, and liaises with States Parties. The Branch supports the Director-General and Deputy Director-General by preparing speeches, statements, and briefing notes; and manages all issues related to protocol, OPCW’s Host Country, and privileges and immunities.

Public Affairs Branch

The Public Affairs Branch provides support to the Director-General and the Organisation by promoting the mission, activities, achievements, and continued relevance of the Organisation. The Branch monitors and liaises with news media, distributes public information, and manages OPCW’s official website and social media. The Branch oversees targeted education and outreach activities, both on and offline, and provides the Organisation with specified audio and video materials.