Advisory Body on Administrative and Financial Matters
Supporting the OPCW’s financial sustainability

The Advisory Body on Administrative and Financial Matters (ABAF) is a subsidiary body of the Executive Council. Its role is to examine the draft annual programme and budget, internal oversight reports, audits and other budgetary proposals submitted by the Technical Secretariat, and to report its findings to the Council.

The mandate of the ABAF is set forth in Article 15 of the OPCW’s Financial Regulations as follows:

  • Examine and report on the draft programme and budget.
  • Examine and report on the preliminary estimates for the following year’s budget.
  • Examine and report on any supplementary budgetary proposals.
  • When feasible, consider and comment on any budgetary transfers, that is on the shifting of funds from one part of the budget to another.
  • If appropriate examine and comment on the status of the OPCW’s investments.
  • Where appropriate, examine and comment on the internal oversight/audit reports.
  • Examine and report on the OPCW’s audited financial statements, including the External Auditor’s report and opinion thereon.
  • Examine and report on the financial regulations, rules and amendments thereto, as submitted by the Director-General.
  • Advise and comment on any other administrative and financial matters when appropriate.

A Group of Independent Experts

The members of the ABAF are experts of recognised standing in financial and administrative fields, appointed by the Executive Council. ABAF members participate in the work of the Advisory Body in a personal capacity (not as representatives of their respective governments) and at no cost to the OPCW.



  • Mr John Foggo (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Vice Chair

  • Mr Milan Kerber (Czech Republic) 


  • Ms Yoko Sakurai  (Japan)
  • Mr Ashutosh Jindal (India)
  • Ms Qian Wang (China)
  • Mr Hans-Christian Mangelsdorf (Germany)
  • Ms Fatima Hamdia Tanweer (Pakistan)
  • Mr Bahram Jamali (Islamic Republic of Iran)
  • Ms Hollie Mance (USA)
  • Mr Anton Minaev (Russian Federation)