Capacity Building
Africa Programme

The Africa Programme responds to the particular needs of African Member States in their endeavour to comprehensively and effectively implement the Convention.

The Programme to Strengthen Cooperation with Africa on the Chemical Weapons Convention — more commonly known as the Africa Programme — focuses on activities and interventions that meet the particular needs of African Member States.

Activities under the programme include high-level bilateral visits and other activities to increase awareness of the Convention in Africa, including cooperation with the African Union (AU) and outreach to civil society and academic institutions.


  • Ensure that a greater number of African States Parties have comprehensive national Convention implementing legislation.
  • Strengthen national capacity for control of transfers of scheduled chemicals in order to prevent non-State actors from accessing such chemicals.
  • Support African States Parties in the development of protective measures against chemical attacks and threats.
  • Foster national and regional capacity to respond to chemical attacks.
  • Support African States Parties to strengthen integrated chemicals management, including chemical safety, security and sustainability.
  • Support the enhancement of laboratory capabilities.
  • Contribute to the enhancement of peaceful uses of chemistry.


  • African Union (AU) Commission.
  • Pan African Parliament (PAP).
  • East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).
  • Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU).
  • Member States, donors and institutions in the Africa Region.
  • European Parliamentarians for Africa (AWEPA).

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