Capacity Building
Policy and Diplomacy for Scientists Workshop

Bridging the gap of science and academia with policy makers and enhancing cooperation for sustainable chemistry of tomorrow.

These workshops offer forums for scientists to explore complex issues that emerge when science intercepts with policies and political efforts.

Workshops include lectures, study tours, and discussion sessions.


These workshops introduce a culture of responsibility, build trust, and enhance cooperation between scientists and other stakeholders on policy issues.

  • Raising awareness for international policies regulating science and security related issues.
  • Improving the culture of responsibility in science.
  • Building trust and enhancing cooperation between scientists and other stakeholders.
  • Modeling effective dissemination of knowledge and how to uphold the norms of the Convention in the scientific and academic environments, through a train-the-trainer approach.

Ultimately, scientists learn how policy can advance the development of science and how important their role in this process is.

Workshop Content

  • International treaties and Organisations whose missions are underpinned by science, specifically those focusing on disarmament and security, such as Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions.
  • Scientific advice and diplomacy.
  • Sustainability in chemistry, related scientific approaches, and industrial practices.
  • Responsible conduct, ethics, and the role of education in science.
  • Multiple (dual) uses of chemistry.
  • Modern practices and policies in chemical safety and security.