Capacity Building
National Authorities Regional Meetings

Bringing together National Authority representatives and key stakeholders of National Authorities to discuss issues related to CWC implementation and to promote regional and sub-regional cooperation.

Regional Meetings of National Authorities are organised by the Technical Secretariat annually in four regions, namely Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean.


  • Provide the opportunity to address and exchange of information, experiences and best practices on CWC national implementation.
  • Present, discuss, and identify national issues regarding Convention implementation that are of particular importance to the National Authorities regionally, and to cultivate bilateral and regional cooperation and support.
  • Discuss and present the needs for assistance to the OPCW and offers of assistance by States Parties for full national implementation.
  • Promote and enhance regional and sub-regional cooperation and networks among National Authorities.
  • Hold bilateral meetings with Secretariat staff on issues pertaining to national implementation, including progress on the adoption of national legislation.

Expected Results

  • Raising awareness of State Party needs and the status of CWC implementation.

  • Raising awareness of various aspects of CWC implementation and programme assistance.

  • Sharing best practices in CWC national implementation.

  • Strengthening bilateral cooperation between State Parties.

  • Strengthening regional and sub-regional networks.