Capacity Building
Research Project Support Programme

Supporting small-scale research in the peaceful uses of chemistry in Member States that have either developing or transitioning economies. The Technical Secretariat provides funding to a limited number of projects either directly or jointly with co-funding institutions.

Through this programme, the Technical Secretariat provides funding to a limited number of scientific and technological research projects in Member States.


  • Develop and promote Member States’ scientific and technical knowledge in the field of chemistry for industrial, agricultural, research, medical, pharmaceutical, or other peaceful purposes not prohibited under the Convention.
  • Support research in the areas of direct relevance to the implementation of the Convention and those close to Member States’ priorities and sustainable development goals.
  • Support the capacity of institutions and foster cooperation of institutions in the Member States in the peaceful applications of chemistry and of other sciences, where such have a direct relevance to the Convention.


Funding for approved projects will be provided in the form of grants to institutions hosting the research projects.

Grants may be provided exclusively by the Secretariat (for directly funded projects) or jointly by the Secretariat and a co-funding organisation (for indirectly funded projects).

The provision of grants is based on the formal arrangement concluded between the Secretariat and the concerned institution (hosting research or co-funding).