Pre-Inspection Briefing (PIB)

A Pre-Inspection Briefing (PIB) is the first official activity at a facility during an industry inspection. It serves to provide OPCW inspectors with enough information to design an inspection plan in the least intrusive manner possible.

industry inspections

What happens during a PIB 

Facility representatives provide a PIB presentation to OPCW inspectors. The PIB should take no longer than 3 hours. It may be presented in various forms, such as a PowerPoint presentation, a projection, hardcopies, etc. 

Before the PIB, it is recommended to provide hand-outs of the presentation material to OPCW inspectors. Any facility  and/or process diagrams may be handed out as a separate hardcopy document to allow for better control over such documents during inspection activities. 

OPCW inspectors will return all the PIB materials at the end of the inspection.

How to prepare a PIB 

OPCW provides PIB guidelines to assist facilities in preparing a thorough, relevant, and accurate technical briefing about the facility. The guidelines are intended for use by industrial facilities subject to Article VI inspections under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and are recommended as reference only. 

There are different PIB guidelines for Schedule 2, Schedule 3, and OCPF facilities.  

PIB guidelines