Technical Secretariat
Facilitating the implementation of the Convention

The OPCW Technical Secretariat assists the Conference of the States Parties and the Executive Council in performing their tasks and carries out the Chemical Weapons Convention’s verification measures. It also carries out other functions entrusted to it under the Convention as well as those functions delegated to it by the Conference and the Council.


Among its duties, the Technical Secretariat:

  • prepares and submits the draft budget to the Council;
  • prepares annual reports on the implementation of the Convention;
  • handles day-to-day communications to and from Member States (including declarations);
  • disseminates information on the CWC through seminars and public relations activities;
  • provides technical assistance to States Parties to enable full implementation of the CWC;
  • negotiates verification agreements with Member States, subject to approval by the Council;
  • conducts on-site inspections;
  • assists development by Member States of programmes to protect against chemical weapons; and,
  • supports and fosters international cooperation in chemistry for peaceful purposes.