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National Authorities

Participants at the Nineteenth Annual Meeting of National Authorities

Each State Party is obliged to designate or establish a representative called National Authority to ensure that the Convention is implemented effectively.


The main responsibilities of the National Authority are:

  • escorting OPCW inspections of relevant industrial or military sites;
  • submitting initial and annual declarations;
  • assisting and protecting those States Parties which are threatened by, or have suffered chemical attack; and,
  • fostering the peaceful uses of chemistry.

In addition, the National Authority acts as the focal point in the State Party's interaction with other States Parties and the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW.

Implementing the Convention

Every State Party must implement the provisions under the CWC at the national level. This includes enacting penal legislation encompassing all activities prohibited. In addition, each State Party is obliged to provide other States Parties with its fullest cooperation to expedite prosecution.

The Secretariat supports States Parties in their national implementation providing advice and assistance to the staff of National Authorities, in order to help them enhance their skills and expertise to facilitate effective, autonomous, national implementation.

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