First Session of the Conference of States Parties

Reports and Agendas


Document Symbol Title Date
C‑I/DEC.55/Rev.1 Decision: OPCW Media and Public Affairs Policy 30 November 2017
C‑I/DEC.3/Rev.2 Decision: OPCW Financial Regulations 30 November 2017
C‑I/DEC.13/Rev.2 Decision: Guidelines for Procedures on the Release of Classified Information by the OPCW, in Accordance with Paragraph 2(c)(III) of the Confidentiality Annex 30 November 2017
C‑I/DEC.13/Rev.1 Decision: OPCW Policy on Confidentiality 2 February 2006
C‑I/DEC.64/Corr.1 Decision: OPCW Central Analytical Database - Corrigendum 13 October 1997
C‑I/DEC.74/Corr.2 Decision: Programme and Budget and Working Capital Fund Corrigendum 2 3 September 1997
C‑I/DEC.73 Decision: Appointment of the First External Auditor of the OPCW 23 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.74 Decision: 1997 Programme and Budget and Working Capital Fund 23 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.72 Decision: Rules of Procedure of the Executive Council 23 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.71/Corr.1 Decision: List of Approved Equipment with Operational Requirements and Technical Specifications Corrigendum 23 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.75 Decision: Scale of Assessments 23 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.74 (Annotations) Decision: Annotations to the 1997 OPCW Budget 23 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.67 Decision: Scope of Activities of Designated Laboratories, and the Role and Status of Other Laboratories 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.69 Decision: Approval of the Sale of the OPCW Building 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.61 Decision: Criteria for the Designation of Laboratories by the OPCW 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.64 Decision: OPCW Central Analytical Database 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.60 Decision: Proficiency Testing Leading to Certification of Designated Laboratories 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.68 Decision: Staff Rules for Recruitment and Service Conditions 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.62 Decision: Criteria for Acceptable Performance of Laboratories in Proficiency Testing 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.70 Decision: Procedure for Addressing Unresolved Issues During The First Intersessional Period 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.66 Decision: Conditions in Relation to Future Proficiency Tests 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.71 Decision: List of Approved Inspection Equipment with Operational Requirements and Technical Specifications 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.63 Decision: Procedure for the Provisional Certification of the Central OPCW Analytical Database 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.65 Decision: Criteria for the Conduct of OPCW/PTS Proficiency Testing 22 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.58 Decision: Closure Date of the Session of the Conference of the States Parties 19 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.17 Decision: Declaration of Chemical Weapons Locations and Their Detailed Inventories 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.37 Decision: Waste Disposal 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.29 Decision: Destruction of Chemical Weapons Production Facilities 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.33 Decision: Frequency, Duration, and Intensity of Inspection of Industrial Facilities 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.24 Decision: Procedures for the Closure/Inactivation of CWPF 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.32 Decision: Assessment of the Risk Posed by a Schedule 2 Facility to the Object and Purpose of the Convention 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.48 Decision: Use of the Recognised Reference Datums for Declarations 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.50 Decision: Use of Approved Equipment During On-Site Inspections 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.51 Decision: Measures in Relation to Approved Equipment Following Completion of Inspection Activities 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.45 Decision: Illustrative List of Objective Indicators to Facilitate the Executive Council in Addressing Any Concern, in Accordance with Paragraph 22 of Article IX, whether the Right to Request a Challenge Inspection has Been Abused 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.52 Decision: Voluntary Fund for Assistance 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.12 Decision: Lists of Items to be Stockpiled for Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance in Accordance with Article VIII(39)(B) (Paris Resolution, Subparagraph 12(B)) 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.34 Decision: Verification at Mixed Plant Sites 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.35 Decision: Scope of the Term "Alkyl" in the Schedules of Chemicals 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.30 Decision: Declaration Requirements for Chemical Weapons Buried by a State Party on its Territory after 1976 or Dumped at Sea after 1984 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.49 Decision: Guidelines for the Certification of Training Courses Offered By Member States as Part of the General Training Scheme for Any Future Inspector Training Activities by the OPCW 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.22 Decision: Line in the Budget for Installed Monitoring Equipment Provided by the Secretariat 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.18 Decision: Declarations for Chemical Weapons Storage Locations and National Aggregate Declarations 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.44 Decision: Notification Formats in Challenge Inspection, Illustrative Examples Of The Type Of Information Which Might Be Included Under... 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.54 Decision: Model Bilateral Agreement Concerning the Procurement of Assistance 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.57 Decision: Information Management System 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.25 Decision: Criteria for the Applicability and Sufficiency of Bilateral/Multilateral Verification Procedures 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.20 Decision: Approval of Arrangements Made Between the OPCW and the States Parties for the Inspection of CW Destruction Facilities During the Transitional Period 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.14 Decision: References to Munitions in the Verification Annex, Part IV (A), Section A, Paragraphs 1 (c) (iii) And 1(c) (iv) 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.42 Decision: Recycled Schedule 2 Chemicals 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.39 Decision: Understandings in Relation to Part IX of the Verification Annex 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.38 Decision: Changes to Annual Declarations 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.47 Decision: Sampling and Analysis During Investigations of Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.16 Decision: Simulant Filled Munitions for Testing Chemical Munitions Destruction Procedures 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.15 Decision: Precision of Declaration of National Aggregate Quantities of Toxic Chemicals and Their Precursors Defined as Chemical Weapons and of Individual Munitions and Container Items 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.28 Decision: Temporary Conversion of Chemical Weapons Production Facilities to Chemical Weapons Destruction Facilities 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.31 Decision: Understanding with Respect to the Terms "Buried by A State Party on its Territory" and "Dumped At Sea" 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.46 Decision: Understanding on the Status of "Qualified Experts" in the Context of Investigations of Alleged Use 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.27 Decision: Temporary Holding Areas at Chemical Weapons Destruction Facilities 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.19 Decision: Verification Activities at a Temporary Holding Area Within a CW Destruction Facility 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.26 Decision: Destroyed Chemical Weapons Munitions Retained for Display or Training Purposes 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.53 Decision: Data Bank on Protection Against Chemical Weapons to be Established in Accordance with Article X(5) of the Convention 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.43 Decision: The Meaning of "Production" In the Context of Schedule 1 Production Facilities Covered Under Article VI 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.23 Decision: Primary Decontamination of the Chemical Weapons Production Facility 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.40 Decision: Mixed Plants 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.36 Decision: Sub-Distribution and Packaging 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.21 Decisions: Guidelines with Respect to the Applicability of Bilateral/Multilateral Verification Procedures 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.41 Decision: Transfer of Schedule 1 Chemicals 16 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.9 Decision: Deadlines for Submission of the Information Specified In Part IV (A), Paragraphs 30 to 32 of the Verification Annex, In Accordance with Paragraph 34 of that Part (Paris Resolution, Subparagraph 12(K)) 14 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.59 Decision: OPCW Headquarters Agreement 14 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.5 Decision: (Preliminary) Tenancy Agreement and Related Understandings and Supplementary Understandings 14 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.10 Decision: Recommendations for Determining the Frequency of Systematic On-Site Inspections of Storage Facilities, In Accordance With Part IV (A), Paragraph 44, of the Verification Annex (Paris Resolution, Subparagraph 12(L)) 14 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.6 Decision: Guidelines on Detailed Procedures for Verification and for the Conduct of Inspections at Chemical Weapons Destruction Facilities, in Accordance with, Inter Alia, Part II, Paragraph 42, of the Verification Annex 14 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.8 Decision: Procedures Concerning the Implementation of Safety Requirements for Activities of Inspectors and Inspection Assistants, In Accordance With Part II, Paragraph 43, of the Verification Annex 14 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.7 Decision: Procedures for the Inspection of Equipment, In Accordance with Part II, Paragraph 29, of the Verification Annex (Paris Resolution, Subparagraph 12(F)) 14 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.4 Decision: Matters Related to the Transfer of Property, Functions and Recommendations of the Commission to the OPCW 14 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.11 Decision: Recommendations for Guidelines for Transitional Verification Arrangements, in Accordance with Part IV (A), Paragraph 51, of the Verification Annex (Paris Resolution, Subparagraph 12(M)) 14 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.2 Decision: Appointment of the Director-General 13 May 1997
C‑I/DEC.1 Decision: Attendance at the First Session of the Conference by International Organisations, Specialised Agencies, Other International Bodies and Non-Governmental Organisations and Status of Non-Governmental Organisations 6 May 1997