Science and Technology

Science and Technology (S&T) directly inform key articles of the Chemical Weapons Convention including those that:

  • define what constitutes a chemical weapon;
  • ensure completeness of declarations;
  • guarantee the application of sampling and analysis and other verification methodologies;
  • provide the processes for inspections, investigations and destruction methodologies; and
  • govern assistance and protection and outreach to scientific communities.  


This section of our website is intended to provide information on the S&T dimensions of our work.

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Science for Diplomats
Facilitating engagement with policymakers on Science and Technology issues.
Science & Technology Monitor
An occasional bulletin to provide updates on developments in Science and Technology.
Science & Technology Resources
Informational material available for download.
CWC Science & Technology from A to Z
Science & Technology ABC Tweets.
Scientific Advisory Board
Subsidiary body of the OPCW that provides specialised advice in science and technology.
The Hague Ethical Guidelines
Applying the norms of the practice of chemistry to support the Chemical Weapons Convention

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