Fifth Review Conference

15 – 19 May 2023

World Forum, The Hague

The Conference of the States Parties convenes in a special session called the Review Conference (RC) every five years to examine the CWC’s operation. The RC evaluates the Convention’s implementation status and sets out priorities for the OPCW for the upcoming years. It provides strategic direction for the Organisation and ensures that it has adequate resources to deliver on all its core objectives. 



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Topics in focus  

  • The role of the OPCW and the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in strengthening international peace and security, including preventing chemical weapons re-emergence  

  • Maintaining readiness to respond to use or threats of use of chemical weapons 

  • Science and technology developments relevant to the Convention’s implementation  

  • Promoting peaceful applications of chemistry and ensuring safe production and secure use of chemicals  

  • Promoting universality of the CWC 

Achievements over the last five years 

The OPCW has made significant progress in carrying out its mandate over the last five years, but challenges remain. Chemical terrorism threats, possible toxic chemicals misuse and preventing chemical weapons re-emergence require OPCW’s mission to remain open-ended.


Investing in science & technology

The new OPCW Centre for Chemistry and Technology (ChemTech Centre) will be inaugurated on 12 May 2023. The Centre is an essential upgrade to the OPCW’s research, analytical and capacity building capabilities.

CW munitions

Declared chemical weapons stockpile destruction nears completion

The OPCW has verified the destruction of more than 99% of all declared chemical weapons stockpiles worldwide. Progress also continues with respect to eliminating old and abandoned chemical weapons.

capacity building

Enhancing international assistance

OPCW capacity building activities support national implementation, improve preparedness, strengthen local and national readiness to deal with chemical weapons threats, and build communities of practice around the global endeavour to rid the world of chemical weapons. The Organisation delivers more than 100 capacity building activities across the globe each year.

industrial facility

Strengthening verification activities

The OPCW conducts more than 200 chemical weapons inspections around the world per year.  

The Secretariat conducts a number of inspections at chemical industry facilities worldwide to confirm that chemicals are used only for purposes not prohibited under the Convention.


Engaging with external stakeholders

The OPCW engages with the four remaining States not Party to promote universality of the Convention.

Collaboration with external stakeholders, including civil society, academia, the chemical industry, and relevant international organisations, has steadily grown over the last five years.


Addressing new challenges

The OPCW is continuously adapting to tackle emerging threats, such as chemical terrorism and chemical weapons re-emergence.