Conference of the States Parties
Non-Governmental Organisations

Civil society and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) help to raise awareness and advocate for a world free of chemical weapons.

Due to Covid-19, the format of CSP-25 has changed:

  • In-person participation of NGOs at CSP-25 is not possible
  • Written and pre-recorded video statements from accredited NGOs will be posted online
  • Public sessions of CSP-25 will be available through a live webcast
  • NGOs should not travel to CSP-25 or make any travel arrangements 

Application Decisions 

The General Committee of the Conference has reviewed Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) applications. Applicants have been informed by email about the General Committee’s decision on their accreditation to the Conference.

NGO Participation

  • The OPCW has changed the format of CSP-25 in response to Covid-19 health and safety restrictions from the Government of the Netherlands.
  • In-person participation of NGOs is not possible. 
  • The Conference will now take place in two parts: The first on Monday, 30 November 2020 and Tuesday, 1 December 2020 and the second during 2021, on a date to be determined.
  • No physical NGO exhibits or in-person side events will take place during the Conference. 

NGO Statements

  • There will be no General Debate during the part of the Conference taking place in 2020. As a result, NGO video statements will not be played during the Conference.
  • However, written and pre-recorded video statements from accredited NGOs will be made available through the OPCW website prior to the Conference.

Live Webcast 

  • Public sessions of the Conference will be available through a live webcast, available through the OPCW website.
  • The live webcast will include all public plenary sessions, which includes the opening of CSP-25 on Monday, 30 November, 10:00–13:00 CET and Tuesday, 1 December , 14:45–18:00 CET.

No Travel to The Hague 

  • In-person participation of NGOs is not possible at CSP-25. NGOs should not make any travel arrangements.
  • Under no circumstances will NGOs be allowed access to the venue. 

Financial Support  

In-person attendance for CSP-25 is not possible for NGOs, therefore, no financial support is available. 

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