Conference of the States Parties
Non-Governmental Organisations

Civil society and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) help to raise awareness and advocate for a world free of chemical weapons.

NGO Applications are now closed

Applications will be reviewed and decided upon by the General Committee of the Conference. Application decisions are expected in mid-September.

During the Conference, civil society plays an important role in highlighting issues relevant to the Convention through a special session for NGO statements. Approved representatives of civil society are also encouraged to engage by following the debate, and by participating in CWC Coalition Open Forums, exhibits, and side events.

Application Decisions

Applications will be reviewed and decided upon by the General Committee of the Conference. Approved applicants should expect to receive a decision by email notification from OPCW Public Affairs, by mid-September. This timing is intended to allow for sufficient time for approved applicants to make travel and visa arrangements.

Applicants are strongly advised not to make travel arrangements before receiving a written approval confirmation from the OPCW.


To be eligible to attend the Conference, representatives from civil society must demonstrate strong engagement with the issues of relevance to the Chemical Weapons Convention through the application form. NGOs must submit an application form for each attendee requiring access to the World Forum and/or OPCW Headquarters. The names of civil society representatives submitted through this application form cannot be altered. NGOs should submit the names of their representatives only after careful consideration. 

Each applicant may only represent a single organisation. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older to be considered. The Secretariat will scrutinise all applications for validity and relevance.

Approval is contingent upon the review and decision of the General Committee of the Conference. Applicants must receive an email confirming their approval to attend in order to participate in the CSP.

Exhibits & Side Events

Space is available for NGOs to showcase their activities and achievements in promoting the aims of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Learn more about how to set up an exhibit or host a side event at the Conference.

NGO Open Forums

The CWC Coalition organises Open Forum(s) during the Conference. At an Open Forum, NGOs present and discuss issues related to the Chemical Weapons Convention with Conference delegates, Technical Secretariat staff and other stakeholders in an informal setting.

Dates and times will be listed in the Conference Journal.

NGOs interested in making presentations should contact Dr Paul Walker.

Financial Support for Travel to the Conference

Limited financial support for travel is available.

All NGOs interested in applying for support should contact Dr Paul Walker, CWC Coalition Coordinator before 18:00 CET on Friday, 2 August 2019.

OPCW Support: Thanks to the European Union, the OPCW has limited funding available for Conference attendees from developing and transitioning economies. OPCW financial support only covers travel, hotel accommodation and basic medical insurance. It does not cover a daily subsistence allowance, visa expenses, or any other expenses.

CWC Coalition Support: The CWC Coalition has different criteria and processes for granting travel support. Contact the Coalition for details.

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