Twenty-Second Annual Meeting of National Authorities

The Hague, The Netherlands (Online)

23 – 25 November 2020


  • Provide an occasion for National Authorities to highlight and work through relevant issues in order to enhance their capacity to comply with their Convention obligations
  • Provide an occasion for the Secretariat and States Parties to interact and discuss ways for effective provision of capacity-building support in an integrated and comprehensive manner
  • Promote cooperation among National Authorities in order to further the implementation of the Convention at the national and regional levels
  • Provide an opportunity for interaction between the States Parties and the Secretariat to address outstanding issues and efforts to enhance the implementation of the Convention.


Due to the impact of and restrictions posed by COVID-19, this year’s annual meeting will be held online and will focus on providing States Parties with the most recent information and updates necessary to ensure effective national implementation of the Convention. It will review the impact of the OPCW’s implementation support and capacity-building activities. National Authorities will be briefed on recent developments under Articles VI, VII, X, and XI of the Convention, provided with updates on policy-related issues, and will have the opportunity to share, discuss, and learn from experiences, good practices, and strategies from each of the five OPCW regions, as well as national best practices in implementation of the Convention.

Should there be interest in bilateral consultations with the Secretariat, interested National Authorities are requested to inform the Secretariat of such ahead of the meeting and communicate the particular national implementation issues they would like to discuss.

Interested National Authorities are invited to submit their applications through Eventus—the OPCW event management system. All nominations must be received by the Secretariat no later than Monday, 2 November 2020.

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