Online Training Course on Legislative and Regulatory Issues on Chemical Security


19 and 20 November 2020

As chemical industries and trade in chemicals continue to grow, a growing number of States Parties are also recognising the need to adopt appropriate chemical security measures or enhance their existing legal regimes in order to avert any potential risk of an attack on a chemical facility or the unlawful release or theft of toxic chemicals.

However, a gap still exists with respect to international guidance on appropriate chemical security legal and regulatory measures and standards. The OPCW, in view of its mandate and its near universal membership, is well-placed to support States Parties in their efforts at enhancing or developing national legal and regulatory frameworks on chemical security.

The planned online training course has been conceptualised in response to the growing requests from States Parties for technical assistance in enhancing their knowledge on the legal and regulatory aspects of chemical security and addressing these issues at the national level.


The online training course is aimed at enhancing the participants’ knowledge of the following issues:

  • The existing international legal framework on chemical security
  • The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and chemical security
  • The scope of a national legal and regulatory framework on chemical security
  • Approaches to conducting a risk assessment and gap analysis of the national regulatory framework on chemicals
  • The training course is further aimed at enhancing States Parties’ capacities to analyse their national legal and regulatory frameworks on chemical security, including identifying gaps and possible approaches to address them.

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