Resources for Students and Teachers

The Hague International Day, September 2010.

Education and outreach  remains a core activity of the OPCW with respect to the responsible use of science so as to achieve and maintain a world free of chemical weapons.

This section is intended to provide education resources, including lesson plans and related OPCW materials, in order to raise awareness of the work of the OPCW and engage with a range of audiences, including scientists, industry, students, educators, civil society, and policymakers.

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FIRES A Teacher's Mission video and accompanying lesson plan
E-learning modules dedicated to various aspects of the Chemical Weapons Convention
Multiple Uses of Chemicals
A website exploring the beneficial uses, misuses, and abuses of multi-use chemicals, both historically and presently.
Education for Peace
New Pathways for Securing Chemical Disarmament.
Other Resources
Links to resources from other organisations