Strategies to Enhance Implementation of Chemical Weapons Convention Discussed by States Parties in Asia

2 June 2016
Participants of the Regional Meeting of Education and Outreach in Asia held in Tehran on 23-24 May, 2016

Participants of the Regional Meeting of Education and Outreach in Asia held in Tehran on 23-24 May, 2016

States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) from Asia discussed various education, outreach, counter-terrorism and other strategies to bolster the implementation of the Convention.

The discussions took place during the Second Regional Meeting on Education and Outreach for States Parties in Asia, which was followed by the 14th Regional Meeting of National Authorities from the same region. These meetings were held from 23 to 25 May in Tehran, Iran. Eighty participants from National Authorities and academic and educational institutions from 25 States Parties attended the gathering.

The meeting was inaugurated by H. E. Dr. Syed Abbas Araghchi, Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who in his opening remarks highlighted the importance of effective implementation of the CWC for ensuring global peace and security. Prof. Sa’ad Abdulmajeed Ibrahim Al-Ali and Prof. Thirumalachari Ramasami represented the Advisory Board on Education and Outreach, a body recently established by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The Advisory Board will offer practical advice to the OPCW on possible strategies, tools and a portfolio of activities in line with global trends in education and outreach.

The meeting highlighted the increasingly important role played by education and outreach in securing more effective and broad implementation of the CWC. The participants agreed to redouble their efforts to expand the reach of the Convention in universities, schools, scientific communities and industry to help foster a culture of responsible use of chemistry.

The 14th Regional Meeting of National Authorities served as a useful forum for consultations among National Authorities and OPCW’s Technical Secretariat. The discussions focussed on the recent developments related to the Convention, OPCW’s contribution to global counter-terrorism efforts, the future of the OPCW and strategies to enhance effective implementation of the Convention.

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