Seoul Workshop for Peaceful Development and Use of Chemistry for OPCW Member States in the Asian Region


13 December 2021

The OPCW Technical Secretariat jointly with the Republic of Korea will hold Seoul Workshop for Peaceful Development and Use of Chemistry for Member States of the OPCW in the Asian Region on 13 December 2021 through online. The workshop will cover up to 30 participants from Asian Member States with economies that are developing or in transition.


The aim of the workshop is to promote the use of chemistry related to the Convention and to enhance national capacities in regional development.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Provide an opportunity for participants to consider and discuss specific chemical safety and security management issues related to chemical processes that have a direct bearing on the effective implementation of the Convention;
  • Contribute to the sharing of information and the exchange of experiences regarding practical management programmes.


The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • peaceful application in chemistry; and
  • chemical process safety and audit of chemical facility.

Application procedure

Interested applicants from National Authorities and relevant stakeholders in Asian Member States are invited to apply online through Eventus—the OPCW event management system. Applicants should create an account in Eventus and then register for the training course.

Please note that all questions marked with an asterisk (*) in the online form must be answered and an endorsement letter from the National Authority must be attached in order for the nomination to be received and for the candidate to be considered for this event. The endorsement letter must be uploaded during the course registration process.

All applications must be received by 26 November 2021 through Eventus.

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