Regional Training Course on Fulfilling Declarations and Inspections Obligations under Article VI of the Chemical Weapons Convention

Panama City, Panama

25 – 29 March 2019


The training course has two main objectives: to facilitate the submission by National Authorities of accurate and timely annual declarations required under the Article VI of the Convention (Activities Not Prohibited Under This  Convention); and to provide practical guidance to States Parties on receiving and escorting OPCW inspections. The training course is also intended to raise general awareness among stakeholders on the requirements under Article VI of the Convention regarding national implementation.


This course is primarily intended for representatives of National Authorities and relevant stakeholders, particularly in the chemical industry, who are involved in compiling data and preparing national declarations and in the inspection process, including serving as national escorts during OPCW inspections.

This course will provide participants with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and improve their skills relating to the Article VI requirements, and to share experiences with participants from other States Parties in the region. The course will also provide information on the recent developments around Article VI and offer participants an opportunity to ask questions and clarify related issues.

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