Members of the Confidentiality Commission

In accordance with paragraph 23 of the Confidentiality Annex to the Convention and Rule 2(b) of the Operating Procedures of the Confidentiality Commission (C-III/DEC.10/Rev.2 - PDF 68 KB), the Conference elected the following 20 members of the Confidentiality Commission for a term of two years, from 1 May 2017 until 30 April 2019.


    • Mr Tatah Salomon (Cameroon)
    • Mr Ahmed Muftah Ruhuma Naili (Libya)
    • Mr Youssef  Bourita (Morocco)
    • Colonel Mr Wagane Faye (Senegal)


    • Mr Yang Zhaohui (China)
    • Dr Amandeep Garg (India)
    • H.E. Dr Alireza Jahangiri (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
    • Mr Masahiko Asada (Japan)

Eastern Europe

    • Ms Lachezara Stoeva (Bulgaria)
    • Mr Štĕpán Kochanek (Czech Republic)
    • Mr Marko Štucin (Slovenia)
    • H.E. Mr Cãlin Fabian (Romania)

Latin America and the Caribbean

    • Minister Mariano Simón Padrós (Argentina)
    • Colonel Ramiro Calderón  (Bolivia, Plurinational State of)
    • Mr Jesús María Cuevillas Domínguez (Cuba)
    • H.E. Mr Gastón Lasarte (Uruguay)

Western European and other States

    • Mr Stefano Dell'Aquila (Italy)
    • Prof. Dr Christoph Vedder (Germany)
    • Mr Irvin Høyland (Norway)
    • Prof. Lucas Osborn (United States of America)


OPCW Policy on Confidentiality
[PDF - 253 KB]