Secure Information Exchange (SIX)

Screenshot of the login page for SIX.

Secure Information Exchange (SIX) project was initiated in 2012 with the goal to establish an end-to-end solution enabling the secure exchange of information between States Parties and the Secretariat using the Internet.

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The following are the expected benefits from the project:

  • Improvements in the timeliness of declarations;
  • Increased efficiency in the processing and evaluation of declarations by using the same channel for;
  • Overall improvements to the verification process;
  • A reduction in security incidents attributable to the transmission of confidential data through inappropriate means;
  • Support and motivation for member states to transition to electronic declarations;
  • Motivation for a future potential transmission channel for other confidential information transmitted between the TS and the member states;
  • Future potential use for the multilateral exchange of information between the States Parties (e.g. for collaborative work in order to resolve transfer discrepancies).


A note from the Secretariat on the availability of SIX, the terms and conditions that will govern the use of the system has been published (S/1192/2014, dated 1 July 2014). The system is now operational and it is available to all interested States Parties. Please refer to this document, which can also be found in the documents section of this page, for more details.

How to Get Started

The essential requirements for the States Parties to utilise the system have been included in the Secretariat’s note (S/1192/2014, dated 1 July 2014). In addition, the Secretariat has made other related information, such as the user manual and best practices for information security, available in the dedicated section of the OPCW Extranet, accessible through the “SIX Documents” link on the left-hand side of the home page.

The States Parties interested in utilising the system are advised to review the available information and respond with a note verbale enclosing the registration for the designated users which is included in Annex II of the note.


In March 2015 the Secretariat has made available an E-Learning module, Introduction to SIX, to all States Parties. This module provides the general overview of the Secure Information Exchange (SIX) system for secure electronic exchange of classified information between States Parties and OPCW Technical Secretariat and explains process of registration, set-up and usage of the system.

To access this E-learning module please visit the OCPW E-learning page.