OPCW E-Learning Modules

These six modules have been selected because they are generic in nature and will apply equally well across a range of audiences. Their content is relatively stable and so will not require significant changes or upgrades in the short- to medium-term. The topics for the initial e-learning tools are:

  • An Overview of the Chemical Weapons Convention
  • An introduction to the OPCW
  • The CWC article by article and Schedules 1,2, and 3
  • The effective running of a National Authority
  • National implementation legislation required under the CWC
  • Implementation of Article X and basic principles of protection against chemical weapons

NEW! The following six modules which cover specific areas of the verification regime of the Chemical Weapons Convention are added in March 2015:

  • Chemical Weapons Declarations
  • Identification of Declarable Activities Under Article VI of the CWC
  • Introduction to Article VI Declarations
  • Introduction to EDNA
  • Introduction to SIX
  • Preparing for and Receiving an Article VI Inspection by Plant Site

For instructions on how to locate and access these modules please refer to the following document: VER E-Learning modules on OPCW LMS - Instructions.

These online courses will be provided to CWC National Authorities and other stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Convention. 

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