Secretariat for the Policy-Making Organs

The Secretariat for the Policy-Making Organs (PMO) provides support to the policy-making organs and the subsidiary bodies of the OPCW, facilitating the decision-making progress and the follow-up to and implementation of decisions.  To this end, PMO organises the sessions, coordinates the preparation of documentation, provides editing, interpretation and translation services, maintains the archives and databases of the official-series documents and administers contractual and printing services within the Secretariat.

PMO is looking for an intern to assist with various archives and records management projects relating to the documentation and analogue recordings of the policy-making organs.  The intern will also have the opportunity to assist during a session of a policy-making organ and witness the decision-making process.

Target skills/educational aims

  • Learn about the day-to-day work of an international organisation
  • Understand how official documents are drafted, edited, and produced
  • Observe the political decision-making process of a treaty organisation
  • Gain experience in a diplomatic environment
  • Observe multi-lateral events and conferences
  • Discover the challenges faced in maintaining the archives relating to the work of the policy-making organs
  • Work with the Digital Recording System and understand the requirements of preserving the analogue recordings of meetings

Potential applicants should have good computer and inter-personal skills to work and communicate effectively in a multi-cultural environment.  It would be advantageous if the intern has some background in the field of archives and records management or international relations.

Duration/working hours
You may set the duration of the internship based on your availability, from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 4 months. The placement should coincide with at least one session of a policy-making organ.  The actual hours to be worked will be agreed between you and your supervisor, and shall not exceed 40 hours per week.