Changes to the Annex on Chemicals to the Chemical Weapons Convention

The Conference of the States Parties (“the Conference”), at its Twenty‑Fourth Session, adopted decisions C-24/DEC.4 and C-24/DEC.5 (both dated 27 November 2019), in which it approved, in accordance with paragraphs 4 and 5 of Article XV of the Chemical Weapons Convention (“the Convention”), certain changes to Schedule 1 of the Annex on Chemicals to the Convention (“the Annex on Chemicals”).

Through Note Verbale NV/ODG/221841/19 (dated 10 December 2019), the Director-General subsequently notified all States Parties of the approval by the Conference of these changes to the Annex on Chemicals. By letter, dated 10 December 2019, the Director-General also notified the Depositary accordingly.

Pursuant to subparagraph 5(g) of Article XV of the Convention, the changes to the Annex on Chemicals shall enter into force for all States Parties 180 days after the date of the aforementioned notification by the Director-General that is on 7 June 2020.

On 23 December 2019, the OPCW Technical Secretariat issued a Note entitled “Consolidated Text of Adopted Changes to Schedule 1 of the Annex on Chemicals to Chemical Weapons Convention” (S/1820/2019, dated 23 December 2019) which sets out a consolidated text of the adopted changes which will replace, on 7 June 2020, Schedule 1 of the Annex on Chemicals, including CAS registry numbers assigned to the toxic chemicals described therein (i.e., items Schedule 1.A (13) to (16)). This Note was also communicated to the Depositary.

The above-mentioned decisions C-24/DEC.4 and C-24/DEC.5 and the Note S/1820/2019 are available below in all official languages of the OPCW.