Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting of National Authoritites

The Hague, Netherlands

22 – 25 November 2022

The annual meeting of National Authorities is designed to establish an interactive communication and cooperation mechanism among the National Authorities, and between them and the OPCW. It is intended to create regional networks in support of the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and to enhance regional aspects of implementation support activities.


  • Provide a forum for National Authorities to highlight and work through relevant issues in order to enhance their capacity to comply with their Convention obligations;
  • provide an opportunity for the Secretariat and States Parties to interact and discuss ways for the effective provision of capacity-development support in an integrated and comprehensive manner;
  • and promote cooperation among National Authorities in order to further the implementation of the Convention at the national and regional levels.


  • A renewed commitment to strengthen cooperation and increase interactions between and among the Secretariat and States Parties and all other stakeholders, producing increased and improved engagements at different levels, including bilateral technical assistance arrangements;
  • and the generation of participants’ recommendations relating to fulfilling national obligations under the Convention and the strengthening of relations between the Secretariat and States Parties.


National Authorities are invited to submit their applications online through Eventus no later than Tuesday, 30 August 2022.

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