Online Advanced Training Course on Chemical Safety and Security Management for African Member States


2 July 2021

This is an advanced course that aims to introduce chemical risk assessment to improve participant’s capacities by sharing lessons learnt from recent chemical accidents and incidents. The course falls within the competences established by the OPCW under Article XI of the Chemical Weapons Convention and has been developed by the International Cooperation Branch of the OPCW.

This training session will focus on how current risk assessment methodologies could be improved based on the possible scenarios related to safety and security management in chemical facilities and to prevent chemical accidents and incidents.


Two topics related to chemical risk assessment will be discussed during this session focusing on chemical plant safety and security management based on future possible accident seniors.


The main aim is to strengthen the capacity of safety and security in the States Parties, to prevent chemical accidents and incidents, potential misuse of highly toxic chemicals and improve the awareness of the effect of advanced risk assessment on chemical plant safety and security management strategies.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise comprehensive and operative risk assessment methodologies for chemical facilities based on future possible catastrophic scenarios. These techniques will provide with a clear picture of the path to disaster and how to fix the known limitations of the current risk assessment methodologies.
  • Demonstrate how to identify possible risk based vulnerabilities and mitigation methods towards the prevention of accidents and potential misuse of highly toxic chemicals.