Seminar on the Chemical Weapons Convention and Chemical Safety and Security Management for Member States of the OPCW in the Eastern Europe Region

Zagreb, Croatia

22 – 24 September 2020

The seminar aims to raise awareness of the importance of chemical safety and security policy and guidelines, so as to prevent chemical accidents and the potential misuse of toxic chemicals in Eastern European countries. The overall goal is twofold: firstly, to sensitise States Parties to new approaches in chemical law that can be adopted in relation to chemical safety and security management, with a particular focus on national policy and legal frameworks; and secondly, to promote and share good practices among chemical industries.


  • Provide an opportunity for participating States Parties to consider and discuss specific national policies and issues related to chemical safety and security management legislation in connection with chemical processes that have a direct bearing on the effective implementation of the Convention
  • Contribute to the sharing of information and the exchange of experiences on the practical implementation of chemical safety and security management programmes
  • Deepen the discussion on the specific topics of risk assessment, risk mitigation measures, and performance auditing
  • Foster wider cooperation among States Parties on issues related to the chemical industry toward achieving the objectives of Article XI of the Convention promoting the peaceful uses of chemistry
  • Enhance and promote the safe handling of chemicals at the national level

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