Forum on the Peaceful Uses of Chemistry: Bridging the Gap: Chemical Security Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building for the Next Generation

Casablanca, Morocco

12 – 14 November 2019


The forum is aimed at bridging the gap in chemical security knowledge transfer and capacity building for the next generation. Special emphasis will be placed on issues related to security and the promotion of capacity-building programmes.


The forum’s programme will include three main sessions:

  • Day 1: Opening. Introduction to the Convention and its relevance to chemical security implementation challenges. Discussion of trends in chemical security and chemistry for peaceful purposes.
  • Day 2: Lessons learned and best practices in chemical security management, from chemical acquisition (purchase, import, and transfer) through to transportation, warehousing, and distribution processes, to the end-use of chemicals (consumption and export) and chemical waste management. Chemical trade monitoring of the import and export of internationally controlled items.
  • Day 3: Lessons learned and best practices in capacity-building programmes in chemical security for relevant stakeholders, including younger generations. Site visit.

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