Regional Table-Top Exercise in Chemical Emergency Response for States Parties in Latin America and the Caribbean

Quito, Ecuador

14 – 18 October 2019


The event will address matters related to coordination in case of a major chemical incident. The exercise will concentrate on operational frameworks such as relevant policies, communication, and information sharing, including operational and procedural issues related to consequence management, so as to ensure effective response and provision of assistance in case of incidents involving toxic chemicals.
The exercise is also aimed at facilitating the exchange of information and fostering networking among the participants representing national institutions, with a view to enhancing the implementation of Article X of the Convention in the GRULAC region as a whole. Applicants should be familiar with response practices and procedures in the event of attacks involving chemical warfare agents and/or incidents with toxic industrial chemicals, in line with the provisions of Article X of the Convention.


The exercise will be jointly organised by the Government of Ecuador and the Technical Secretariat (hereinafter “the Secretariat”) and is aimed at enhancing chemical response preparedness at the regional and subregional levels in accordance with the recommendations received from the Third Special Session of the Conference of the States Parties to Review the Operation of the Chemical Weapons Convention regarding the implementation of Article X of the Chemical Weapons Convention (hereinafter “the Convention”).

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