Executive Programme on Integrated Chemicals Management

Bangkok, Thailand

3 – 6 September 2019


To help the relevant Member States who are developing or in transition to build capacity and develop in-depth knowledge and leadership skills in integrated chemicals management, including in the areas of chemical safety and security and sustainability.


Day 1

Programme opening. Lectures on the Convention, introduction to the concept of integrated chemicals management, and related challenges and trends in the global chemical industry.

Day 2

Lectures on dealing with and anticipating changes in the global chemicals market though integrated chemicals management; an integrated approach to chemical safety and security; convergent trends in the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions; integrated chemicals management; and sustainable industry development. Day 2 will also feature peer interaction and insights from the latest developments in these fields.

Day 3

Lectures on topics related to integrated chemicals management: the experience of relevant international organisations; management of the chemical supply chain; and executive leadership on integrated chemicals management, with a focus on role models and lessons learned.

Day 4

Study visit to a chemical facility, course evaluation, and programme closing.

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