Two Research Fellowships in Analytical Chemistry Skills Development

VERIFIN Laboratory, Finland

1 September 2019

Member States are invited to nominate two participants for research fellowships “NMR1 Specialist” and “Synthetic Chemist” for analytical and organic chemistry skills development at the Laboratory of the Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention (VERIFIN) in Finland in 2019.


The programme is organised by VERIFIN and is designed for chemists with relevant practical and theoretical experience in analytical chemistry/bioanalysis or synthetic chemistry. For the first research fellow (“NMR Specialist”), practical experience in analytical chemistry, including sample preparation, as well as a theoretical understanding of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and information technology, is an essential prerequisite. For the second research fellow (“Synthetic Chemist”), practical experience in organic synthesis and gas chromatography, as well as a theoretical understanding of organic reactions, is an essential prerequisite. The selected research fellows must be prepared to work independently on a designated project. Although VERIFIN will propose the specific focus of the project, candidates may indicate their own areas of interest.


During the practical laboratory component, the first research fellow (“NMR Specialist”) will receive training on sample preparation and analysis methods of compounds related to chemical weapons agents, their precursors, degradation products (including metabolites), and by-products of scheduled chemicals, as well as on the identification and confirmation of such compounds, mainly by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

The second research fellow (“Synthetic Chemist”) will receive training on synthetic methods and purification of compounds related to precursors, degradation products, and by-products of scheduled chemicals (with special emphasis on synthesis), as well as on the identification and confirmation of such compounds, mainly by gas and/or liquid chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. The programme will also include the aspects of quality assurance.

Key Dates

  • Six month fellowships, starting in the autumn of 2019 (exact date to be confirmed).
  • Two candidates will be pre-selected before 30 April 2019. Final selection will be before 10 May 2019.

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